does anybody have any tips to stop me from getting bored/distracted whilst revising?

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Whenever i revise or do homework i always end up staring into space or daydreaming, therefore wasting valuable time as exams are coming up!! so if anyone who had a similar problem could reply letting me know what tricks/tips they used to prevent this i'd be very grateful!

Many thanks

Posted Thu 7th March, 2013 @ 23:47 by Ryan Hendly

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This is a hard question to answer purely due to it being heavily dependent on you as a person; I will just tell you how I personally got round the promblem (I still do struggle sometimes though).

1) I found out that it was all about my enviroment, I had to work on a clear open desk, I also found out that I felt better doing revision using natural light ( I moved my desk next to my window).

2) Revise in small bursts, an hour is too long. I start to get distracted after about 20-30 mins.

3) Intergrate it in to something you enjoy, making posters? Art/Drawing? Timelines? Stories? You will become very bored and distracted when just looking at a book or even highlighting/copying from it.

4) The best thing is to do regular past papers! Do one every 2-3 days? You learn a lot just by doing them and it can count as your revision for that day :)

So I recommend you revise for 20-30 mins on one day by intergrating it in to something you enjoy, the next use another revision method and the following day just do a past paper and go through it.

Methods I used:

  • Making posters
  • Making a timeline across my room.
  • Making small stories which I can remeber in the exam.
  • Make mind maps.
  • Tree diagrams (Like a family tree)

For homework all I can really say is get a coffee, a biscuit and try your best at doing it. Homework is harder purely due to it not being flexible as to how you can do it.

I hope this helps but sorry if has not.

Best of luck with your exams.

Answered Fri 8th March, 2013 @ 17:53 by dsdfs