Does anybody have a case study for Internal Migration in the UK? I can't find any information anywhere! :(

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I just need to know facts about movement to different areas but can't find anything, please help!

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Case study – migration within one country – East Anglia, United Kingdom


Since 1980s has been movement away from conurbations and larger cities. Most movement has been to new towns, dormitory/overspill towns and suburbanised villages.


  • Employment – industry relocated to edge-of-city sites or smaller rural towns. People move for promotion and better-paid jobs.
  • Housing – when people become more affluent, they move from inner city to larger, modern houses with garages and gardens.
  • Changing family status – people move as result of increase in family wealth or size.
  • Environmental factors – moving away from noise, air and visual pollution created by traffic in urban areas to quieter, less polluted environments with more open space.
  • Social factors – people may move out of cities due to vandalism, crime, racial prejudice or poorer educational facilities.


  • 14km from Bury St Edmunds and accessible by train from Bury St Edmunds or 10 minutes by car from Bury St Edmunds. Villagers commute to Bury St Edmunds to work.
  • Population of 3 000.
  • Modern new detached housing on housing estates.
  • Traditional services changing: old granary has been converted into small businesses; one remaining post office; closure of village shops – residents now shop at superstores in Bury St Edmunds.
  • Trees cut down to make clear space for new housing estates.
  • Conflicts between original residents and newcomers – newcomers led to increase in house prices.
  • Loss of old community spirit – many newcomers just sleep in villages and use surrounding urban areas for shops, services and work.

Push and pull factors:

  • Fewer people live in rural areas so there is less congestion (less people are trying to get around), resulting in less pollution.
  • Seen to be less crime in rural areas so people feel safer living there. Is also less car crime.
  • Land in rural areas is cheaper so rural houses are larger – therefore rural house prices are higher than in urban areas.
  • Are often less education opportunities in urban schools. Best schools often found in rural areas. Counter-urbanisation affects families.
  • People feel more comfortable living in rural areas because they feel that they will not be targeted by other people (e.g. for their race, gender, etc.).
  • Less people live in rural areas so there is lower population density. This contributes to lower pollution, congestion and crime rates.
  • Are more job opportunities so people move to rural areas. With lots of business parks located in out-of-town areas, it is easier for people to get jobs.
  • People living in rural areas, often move there for retirement. Results in slower pace of life because they do not have need to do things quickly.
  • Are less green space and park areas in urban areas because land has been built on for housing or businesses. Green space makes rural areas more attractive.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your revision and for the exam :)

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We were told to learn about internal migration from London to the South-West, and from South to North. We were also told to look at Retirement Migration within the UK. A case study we looked at was from London to Norfolk.

Answered Sat 16th June, 2012 @ 11:53 by Sarina Patel
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look for Polish migration to the Uk?

Answered Fri 15th June, 2012 @ 10:40 by Namita
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i have that one but have been told to learn one for Internal migration (like from london to the south west) :S

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