Does anybody else think that having a higher/lower maths exam is fair?

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I've just started year 11 and so I've received my results for the GCSEs I sat in year 10 (which included all 3 of my maths modules).I sat the higher paper and ended up with an A overall (Module A- B, Module B- A, Module C- A).

I have about five or so friends that sat the lower module B paper but got pretty much 100% (I think most of them missed out on one or two points) and keep telling me that their exam was really easy and that their teachers want them to do it all again but do the higher papers. 

So what's happened is my friends are all really disappointed in themselves because they ended up with Cs (which is the highest they could have got in their exam) but are being told that they could actually be getting Bs or even As.

Basically now, on paper one of my friends Ryan (who scored 100% in his maths) has a C for maths which, lets be honest looks a lot worse than my A, but in reality he did the best that was possible where as I just scraped an A.

My question is do you think it is better to split the exams Higher (where you can get any mark from U to A*) and lower (U-C) or would it be better to have one exam that starts off with easy questions (E grade) and ends on hard questions (A*) so that everybody has the same chance and the scores actually relate?

Posted: 09-09-12 17:43 by Rebecca

I think thats a good idea, that way those who are working at c grade can get a c and those who are able to get an A can get an A on the same paper, my maths teacher told us that it is easier to get a C on the higher paper than the foundation because you only needed to get half the paper right, whereas on the foundation you would need to get an almost perfect mark.

Posted: 09-09-12 19:01 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

its got both advantages and disadvantages. but i think it should just be one exam. i dont really think its  fair on the students and in some ways it feels as if those doing the lower paper do have a slight advantage

Posted: 09-09-12 19:26 by Nisa.Jahan

there should be one to test everybody -

if students are good enough to get a C, then they'll get a C on the higher, they shouldn't have it made easier

it's also not fair on those who get 100% who could have come out with a better hrade if they did the higher.

one testing all is fairer

Posted: 11-09-12 01:39 by Alex