In a Potential Divider, does a high resistance in R2 mean a high voltage output?

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I'm just confused as in one book it says how if the resistance of  R2 is higher than R1 then the Vout is high, but i'm thinking if the resistance is high, doesn't that mean that the current is low so less would flow to the output? :|

Posted Tue 19th June, 2012 @ 19:45 by Terrie
Edited by Terrie on Tue 19th June, 2012 @ 19:46

2 Answers

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yeh it does .. 

Answered Sat 23rd June, 2012 @ 15:49 by SciTech
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well.. it doesnt mean that less will flow to the output because less only flows to the output for some. Im sorry im not very good at explaining , you should try and check out gcse bitesize... if i get chance 2 i will post u wot it says

bdw i was answering ure topic title q in the previous messsage 

Answered Sat 23rd June, 2012 @ 15:51 by SciTech