Doctor, Surgeon or Pathologist?

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I don't know which one I should be. I really want to become a surgeon but i'm scared i might kill someone or fail the operation. Doctor seems good but seems a bit cliche. And my mum says that I should be a Pathologist.

BTW I want to earn good money AND help people at the same time. 

Posted: 31-05-12 20:59 by LP-FTW

I would be a surgen cos you could save so many peoples lives. :)

what is a pathologist?

Posted: 31-05-12 21:03 by rhona

A pathologist is someone who discovers cures for diseases.

Posted: 31-05-12 21:05 by LP-FTW

den id say pathologist =D

Posted: 31-05-12 21:17 by Sabah x

but they apparently don't get a lot of money. 

Posted: 31-05-12 21:18 by LP-FTW

yeah sme here =D

gud luk yeah

Posted: 31-05-12 21:27 by Sabah x

What you feel you want to do may be the best option! I was reading somewhere recently that you would only make mistakes (not just in surgery, but in general) if you start to doubt yourself, so I guess confidence is quite important. My family's largely medical, surgeons and doctors, and they say that surgery is the most useful skill in saving lives, but you have to be quite emotionless (not sure how true that is)

Posted: 31-05-12 21:35 by Ed

Thanks Ed! Again, some wise, useful advice. ;)

I am trying to improve my confidence. I really do want to become a surgeon but people like my brother are putting me down by saying things like "you'll never make it!", "yeah, of course you will become one. can't wait till i see you in Tesco", "just become a bus driver"

Well brother, last time i checked it seemed you nearly failed your GCSE'S and A-levels and in one of your Further Maths exams you got an U! =_= ahaha, karma's a b*tch

Posted: 31-05-12 21:42 by LP-FTW

LP-FTW wrote:

Thank you. You too. :) 

Don't look back at the past. Look straight ahead to your future. Never give up and make the right choices on life. Smile and God bless you.


 lol =D

errmmm thnx ;)

Posted: 31-05-12 21:43 by Sabah x

I'd say Doctor... earn alot and help peeps @ the same time...

A surgeon earns more i think though...

Posted: 31-05-12 21:50 by Muzz :P

well LP-FTW, i wont choose any of your options, i want to be a consultant-surgeon for cardiology and in this way i get paid quite well and i help people. but between the choices it is hard because do u want a role where u tlk to the patient more or do u want a role in which u dont tlk to the patient much . I hope what i said will narrow down the choices n gud luk with ur future career XD **

Posted: 31-05-12 23:33 by Braniac

may i ask what's a consultant surgeon?

Posted: 01-06-12 09:34 by LP-FTW

OK, I've decided, I'm going to be a surgeon. Thanks for all your advice guys! :) 

Posted: 02-06-12 20:18 by LP-FTW

a consultant surgeon is like the top of the top. They are in charge of wards and sectors in a hospital, they can partake in surgeries, they have final decisions, and they get paid the most ;D **

LP-FTW wrote:

may i ask what's a consultant surgeon?

Posted: 02-06-12 20:25 by Braniac

how long do they study for?

Posted: 02-06-12 20:27 by LP-FTW

lol it is kinda long, it is about 8-10yrs i think depending which university u go to and which country! As u become a surgeon and u can progress to become a consultant straight after that which is where the most senior and experience doctors are found XD. hope i helped! oh yh the average salary in england for a surgeon (senior) is about 100-160k, for a consultant surgeon can get you to 200k+

LP-FTW wrote:

how long do they study for?

Posted: 02-06-12 20:38 by Braniac

ok thanks. 

How you've been? 

Posted: 02-06-12 20:40 by LP-FTW

not bad u. bee nquite busy with exams n stuff includin work lol but generally ok. how u feelin now

Posted: 02-06-12 20:44 by Braniac

sniffle I thought I'd just comment on this, so it gets back onto the first page, in memory of LP-FTW :(

Posted: 16-06-12 11:08 by Neon

be a surgeon you get paid loads lolz its all bout working hard and earning loads of money:)

Posted: 16-06-12 13:07 by Maddie:)