Doc Martins :D

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Yes i not going in a traditional dress i got  a dress form a local shop its purple hence why i didnt get the purple ankle dr martins but i couldn't stop loving them more so instead i have purple laces! I am making a statement which is:

I dont have to wear a big dress i dont have to look girly to have fun and to be myself!!!

Posted: 10-06-12 14:01 by NoirRose

I LUV YURR STYLE Rosa D > >Im soo gonna try and do sumfin lyke daah next yr for mii from

Posted: 10-06-12 14:02 by в

the price for the red ones is £135 saving up !!!!

Posted: 10-06-12 14:02 by NoirRose

wooow daahh expensive

Posted: 10-06-12 14:04 by в

Well i dont like being girly and getting me a dress was not the easist thing when i didnt know what to get. but my dress is purple and longer at teh back that the fron it has short sleeves and is really punk style - 

Good Luck вααααααчччч! Hope your prom goes awesome glad i helped :D

Posted: 10-06-12 14:04 by NoirRose

My ones i got yesterday were £95

Posted: 10-06-12 14:05 by NoirRose

Lool fnx ive got alll year too fink abwt it. Dunno wat imm gonna do wen I hav tu wear a dress -__-

Posted: 10-06-12 14:06 by в

I didnt either but hold your sholders back and pretend your enjoying it :D

Posted: 10-06-12 14:07 by NoirRose

lool gwd idea

Posted: 10-06-12 14:18 by в

Thanks its what i am doing :D

Posted: 10-06-12 14:22 by NoirRose

I like the bright purple ones :)

and the bright pink ones are kinda nice tooo 


Posted: 10-06-12 14:30 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

LOOL yue sed gwd luck tuu me!

Posted: 10-06-12 14:31 by в

They are pretty cool but they wont last as long that way so i prefer the non-shiny ones the originals yay :D

Posted: 10-06-12 14:42 by NoirRose

I can't find my favourite drawing pen D:

Posted: 10-06-12 15:26 by Neon

Oh No - you cannot settle for anything less :D

Posted: 10-06-12 15:30 by NoirRose

hmm... well I have a red nailvarnish pen... :P

Posted: 10-06-12 15:32 by Neon

Nice Picture Impulse - it isn't really nail varnish is it????

Posted: 10-06-12 15:45 by NoirRose

not this one, no :P but I do use nail varnish for stuff :P

Posted: 10-06-12 15:47 by Neon

That is pretty cool 

Posted: 10-06-12 15:48 by NoirRose

like writing down quick notes whilst on the PC when I can't find a pen :P

Posted: 10-06-12 15:51 by Neon

Same cannot find my pens anywhere  and i promised myself that i wouldn't use my exam pens otherwise i know i would lose them D: 

Posted: 10-06-12 16:13 by NoirRose

hahaha lol :P I never know where stuff I need is :P .... unless you need my knife, I always have that where I can find it psycho smile

Posted: 10-06-12 16:15 by Neon

Knives in kitchen if attacker comes am stuck because he will come though back door and would be first to knives oopsies 

Posted: 10-06-12 16:16 by NoirRose

knife less than 30cm from my right hand, right now O:)

Posted: 10-06-12 16:19 by Neon

I am generally scared - unless you revise in the kitchen or have a pocket knife :D i have one but again i would dead before i could get it as it is in my room :D

Posted: 10-06-12 16:20 by NoirRose