Do you think Hospice care is better than Euthanasia?

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Please tell me your thoughts on this question ... do you agree or disagree

Posted: 29-04-12 18:49 by ? Secret - Team GR

I'll start of, I just made a point, haven't expanded on it.

I believe hospice care is a better option than Euthanasia, because hospice care doesn’t go against anyone’s faith whereas with euthanasia people have to consider about their religion and whether it is allowed or prohibited in the belief.

Posted: 29-04-12 18:53 by ? Secret - Team GR

. In the Christianity faith, most people especially the Roman Catholic are strongly against euthanasia as they believe in the sanctity of life where life is a gift from God and therefore in return we should treasure our life. In the bible, in the Exodus, Jesus has commanded his people “Thou shall not kill”, hence why Christians might be against euthanasia as euthanasia is painless killing. 

Posted: 29-04-12 19:04 by ? Secret - Team GR