Do you recommend doing A- Level Economics?

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I already do GCSE Economics (AQA) and I am getting A/B's. I find it interesting and my teacher said that I would find A Level easier than everyone else because most of the A Level course we have to do for GCSE anyway. 

But I also want to do Chemistry, Physics and Maths and I was wondering if I pick them four subjects the work load might be too much for me and too stressful. 

Should I take it? 

Posted Fri 28th December, 2012 @ 00:05 by Megan Foxen

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I think it depends on how hard you are willing to work, economics a level is fairly maths based but you really have to have an open mind and read the news, its all about deeper thinking and having opinions on things like for example smoking, i have written about 5 essays so far on smoking and what they really look for is you having knowledge on key terms but also opinions and ideas. I did business studies gcse and i can imagine with an economics gcse you will find it easier to understand, there are a lot of essays i would recommend you have a look at a few past papers for the course. I dont know anyone taking those exact options but i know that every single girl in the physics as level class is dropping it- i dont know whether its something to do with the teacher however, but if you are the type of person who works hard without distractions and are getting a/a* grades in those subjects at GCSE, go for it, but be realistic, universitys do look for subject choice but they look harder at grades. I do psychology, economics, politics and drama, drama aside, those three fit in really well with eachother especcially economics and politics when going over government intervention. But yeah go to your teacher ask for past papers, have a look a s-cool or tutor2u to see what we learn about and if you have opinions and an open mind have a go, you can always change at the end of the day. Also try doing some reading before you start, freakonomics, predicatably irrational, the armchair economist are all really interesting.

Answered Wed 2nd January, 2013 @ 18:48 by Fifi Ghaith
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my friend took the GCSE and got a B but is not doing so well in a level. She does the exact same a levels that you are planning to take. personally, i adore economics it is so straight forward and belive that if you know you're stuff you will be fine I think my friend did not realise how serious a levels are. Which board is the economics a level you want to do?

Answered Fri 28th December, 2012 @ 14:18 by Lottie
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do it! its a subject that will benefit you in your every day life and unis seem to like seeing someone with eco

Answered Sat 12th January, 2013 @ 22:04 by Hello :)