Do you like sports?

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Tell me what kind of sport you play? Do you have any favorite teams?

Posted: 18-10-19 20:00 by molliny

I like tennis. I watched this year's championship in France.

Posted: 19-10-19 11:38 by irmana

I like watching football games. Now I watch the Champions League qualifiers. I track games on It's convenient when one resource collects information on all games

Posted: 20-10-19 19:55 by sereb

Я люблю футбол. Тоттенхэм. 

Posted: 18-12-19 16:29 by Gerder

very like

Posted: 19-12-19 13:09 by kventin

Yes, I am a big fan of a sport, not only as a person who follows every World Surfing League and Ultimate Fighting Championship events, but also as person who is taking part on this event. I mean not so globally, and I'm not making a lot of money on it, but this is my hobby, indeed. And for making money I like to use this - - service.

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Posted: 23-03-20 10:59 by Frances_Lozano

i appreciate your sports circle but have you ever tried to Create a Wikipedia Page for your sports channel ?

Posted: 26-03-20 16:07 by carolhensley