Do you know the secrets of skin care?

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Tell me what are the features of facials after 35 years?

Posted: 03-03-20 10:23 by arnikka

All cosmetics should be applied only on massage lines - these are the lines of the least stretching of the skin. Otherwise, you will stretch your skin daily and promote premature wrinkles.

If the cream is quite dense or the skin is very thin, for example, around the eyes, the cream can be applied with light patting movements. It is recommended to do this with your ring finger, as it is the weakest, it is more difficult for them to put too much pressure on the skin.

Posted: 05-03-20 08:02 by sereb

Your skin care procedure should take place twice a day - morning and evening. Certain aspects of care depend on the time of day and specific needs and condition of your skin. 

You can also use professional care.  I like the latest Hyafilia development  It is used to fill fine wrinkles on different parts of the face. It is also used to correct the folds of the nasal trigon

Posted: 06-03-20 07:41 by irmana

It is very important to monitor your health.. In this case, even after you turn 35 years old, your skin will be perfect.

Posted: 25-03-20 15:53 by kventin

When I noticed that I had a very sharp appearance of wrinkles, began to gray my hair, I decided to undergo a full examination and I was diagnosed with a lack of hgh, which Genotropin helped me cure. only  keep in mind that this drug contains a hormone and should not be taken without the appointment of a specialist. By the way, my husband was also helped by this treatment

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