Do you know how to choose chicken for restaurants?

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Do you know how to choose chicken for restaurants? 

Chicken meat is one of the most popular products in supermarkets and among the dishes that are prepared by restaurants and fast food. restaurants that take care of their reputation select suppliers of fresh and environmentally friendly products, taking care of the guests of their restaurants.   Meat choose chilled, not frozen. So the meat retains its taste and juiciness when cooking.

Posted: 23-02-20 00:06 by sereb

Yes you are right. Consumers now are very clear about the quality of products. If the food in the restaurant is not tasty, it will lead to the loss of business

Posted: 23-02-20 18:15 by irmana

See EU Poultry's proposals . It is a company and a producer and supplier of chicken meat. Manufacturing is located in Europe. It's very convenient. The time to deliver is minimal. Products can be delivered in a vacuum.

Posted: 24-02-20 06:55 by arnikka