Do you know anyone named 'Bob'?

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oh ok... xD i was trying to make feel better :)

Posted: 26-05-12 20:58 by Namita


Posted: 26-05-12 20:59 by в

What about Bob Ross? That guy was a legend.

Posted: 26-05-12 20:59 by Ed

EdInABox wrote:

What about Bob Ross? That guy was a legend.

but i've never met him. :( 

Posted: 26-05-12 21:01 by LP-FTW

I'm sure you'll meet someone called Bob one day! XD

Posted: 26-05-12 21:07 by Ed

hopefully! who do you wanna meet, Ed?

Posted: 26-05-12 21:09 by LP-FTW

As many people as I can (hopefully)

I love getting to know people.

Posted: 26-05-12 21:12 by Ed

wow, you're a very optimistic person! I like people who respects others. if you treat people like ****, your life in falling down (probably in an anus).  

Posted: 26-05-12 21:16 by LP-FTW

LOL! Its strange, cos people always say that i'm pessimistic cos I have a major self-confidence problem, but yeah, I couldn't live with myself if I did treated people like ****, no one deserves to be hated

Posted: 26-05-12 21:21 by Ed

me too. i loathe those that are arrogant, selfish, vile, envious etc. why can't people just be happy? a quote i quite like:

“I don't care if you're black, white, straight, bisexual, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that.” 
― Eminem

Posted: 26-05-12 21:25 by LP-FTW

Exactly! Words to live by XD

Posted: 26-05-12 21:27 by Ed

you are indeed a very interesting person to talk to. Very wise. :) What are you doing now? 

Posted: 26-05-12 21:32 by LP-FTW

Thank you! I'm only watching a film, nothing too interesting. How about you?

Posted: 26-05-12 21:35 by Ed

watching a live concert. LINKIN PARK IS GOING TO PERFORM IN A FEW MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: 26-05-12 21:37 by LP-FTW

REALLY? They're really good live, its awesome!!

Posted: 26-05-12 21:41 by Ed

the concert's on youtube. type in rockinrioeuvou and press the channel. click on the rockinrio tab at the top. they're starting at any minute! 

[or if you go on youtube there should be this blue banner at the top talking about it]

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Posted: 26-05-12 21:43 by LP-FTW

I've got a really difficult decision right now, carry on watching this film or linkin park? Maybe both?

Posted: 26-05-12 21:46 by Ed

what's the film? only 2 minutes left!!

Posted: 26-05-12 21:47 by LP-FTW

Cabin in the Woods? Its some mental horror film, kinda strange so far. Although I've got the concert open on youtube incase I decide to watch at some point!

Posted: 26-05-12 21:51 by Ed

oh that scary film. :/ yeah now they're just showing performances from the past. wait a few more minutes. anyways you would see the band walking on stage and talking. 

Posted: 26-05-12 21:53 by LP-FTW

Yeah, you've convinced me, this film doesn't seem to be going anywhere either :)

Posted: 26-05-12 21:55 by Ed

yay!!! did you know you're one of my favorite members here? Hope they perform Given Up, i want to see Chester scream!!!!!

Posted: 26-05-12 21:57 by LP-FTW

they're starting!!!!!!! in a few moments...

Posted: 26-05-12 22:01 by LP-FTW

Thanks! Usually I don't like screams in music, but it works really well with Chester, perhaps only with him, and it looks like its gonna be great!

Posted: 26-05-12 22:03 by Ed

they're on now! saw them walking up the stairs. you ready?

Posted: 26-05-12 22:04 by LP-FTW