do you have to know all of the equations or are they given to you? (unit 2)

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For aqa physics unit 2, will you be given the equations needed to work out calculations?

Posted: 29-05-12 14:53 by Lauren

Most probably, most of the equations are given to you and you just need to apply them. However sometimes they do ask things like ' write an equation linking mass, force and acceleration'. In this case you will need to know the formula. This has only happened in a few past papers I have done, the majority give you the questions. I would say test yourself by writing out all the components of an equation and how they relate. You should also be able to get the general idea of how they relate from the question. If they give you numbers prior to the question then you should be able to try all the different ways the equation will look, two will be ridiculous but one will make sense and this is probably what the equation is.

Good luck ^_^

Posted: 29-05-12 15:24 by Nuha

Yes, they do give you the equations but you need to be extremely careful because you might have to convert numerical values into another form (i.e grams to kilograms, watts to kilowatts, e.t.c) Good luck !

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Posted: 29-05-12 17:38 by Former Member

Okay thanks guys:)

Posted: 29-05-12 20:07 by Lauren