Do you believe in Nietzsche's view that God is 'dead'?

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With growing numbers of people losing faith in our modern world in time will God be seen as a phase of human life. Nietzsche believe that faith in God had dropped so he had 'died'. If God is dead what effects would this have on life as we know it?

Posted Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 16:43 by Edward

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well, if God literally died we will all die too, cos he is the one keeping us alive. the whole world would fall appart.

figuratively, if god ceased to be acknowledged we would all be like the french and live in a secular society.

  • gay people would marry
  •  abortions would increase
  •  faith schools would disappear
  •  charities would close down
  •  american money would have to have the "in God we trust" removed :P
  • praying and headscarfs would be banned
  • community and society as we know it would disappear 

it would be WEIRD!

Answered Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 20:26 by ;)
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Nietzsche's view can, and has been, taken in a number of ways;

Taken literally, God should transcend anything that humanity can conceive, and the concept of 'death' shouldn't even remotely be applied to him. Since God doesn't 'live' like humans he can't 'die' like humans and this link, some would argue, shouldn't be made since it could lead to the anthropomorphism of God (giving God human- like qualities, demoralising how great he is!) This point, is however, pretty weak as if God were to die, then it would mean Nietzsche admitting his existence in the first place. Nietzsche's character and his proclamation that "God is dead" is not meant literally. Therefore, it is hard to say what effect his 'death' would have on us. It is wholly dependent on whether you believe in his existence in the first place.

I think that "God is dead" was meant to represent the shared belief in God. The shared belief that was present and featured in every aspect of life particularly until the turn of the century no longer exists. In this way, God is dead. We no longer have the shared common belief in the God of Christianity. I see little evidence of morality declining, or of people simply becoming horrible people. Some may even see it as positive, Karl Marx saw religion as a agent of control and he would perhaps say if God were to have died, it is a positive thing for many people.

To the person above me; One hundred years ago, gay marriage wasn't legal and abortion was severely frowned upon. Now, both are legal. Surely, with the logic you used, God must be dead- since you see gay marriage and abortion rates as what would happen if God died and as evidence of secularisation? Not being critical, just curious!

Answered Mon 16th April, 2012 @ 21:03 by Courtney
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actually gay marriage is not legal. civil partnerships are, but marrige is still defined as the union of one man and one woman. the government is seeking to change this by redefining marriage, but has recived opposition from the church. so, although i think that the government will ignore the beliefs of the church, if the government did not have to listen to what the church thought (if we were no longer a "christian" country) then i think gay marriage would be legal....... if marriage even still existed.

this is so hard to imagion! marriage is before god so if god "died" i guess there would be no marriage, gay or otherwise....

as for abortion, i don't know if the church had anything to do with the law, but i think that they would disagree with the abortion rates (97% of UK abortions are illegal).(so your comment about abortion being legal, it is only under certain circumstances, but it has been streached to allow abortion whenever wanted)  i think that many people in society really do whish that god was dead because ofr many of them he is an obstical, but i find it hard to imagion life without a god because, as much as we dislike to admit it, our whole society is based on god/religion.

Answered Tue 17th April, 2012 @ 18:56 by ;)
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But, if things like that are becoming more prevalent in society- which I think would be hard for anyone to deny- then surely, it shows that "God is dead" by your logic- regardless of the Churches stance on it. I'm curious where your statistics on 97% of UK abortions being illegal comes from? Regardless of whether abortions are illegal or legal though, surely a rise in rates of abortion (which there has been a rise in) would, as you said, show God is dead if abortion rates rise- which since Biblical times, and since the 20th Century even, have risen then it's evidence of God being dead. Devoutly religious people are now in the minority, and morality hasn't declined, nothing. So if you take the view that rising abortion means God is dead then God's existence can be questioned, as abortion rates have risen (legal or not!)

What faith are you out of curiosity? Do you think that Nietzsche's idea wrong, and God can never die?


Answered Wed 18th April, 2012 @ 18:53 by Courtney