Do something funny for money? any ideas :D

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What are you guys going to do? or do you have any ideas for others :D

I'm thinking of dressing up as a granny hehe x

Posted: 27-02-13 19:26 by TheComputerGeek

Me and my friend once did be blind for the day - one of us spent the day blind while the other helped them around. Also once we were conjoined together - literally our arms and legs were joined together for the whole day - it was so difficult to be in time with each other when we walked. We raised £50 in total for doing them.

Posted: 28-02-13 15:28 by Tilly - Team GR

If in school/sixth form: pyjama/onesie day or pay a pound to wear own clothes (we did this and raised £900+).

Posted: 01-03-13 16:52 by ceegee

omg, cake sale with a twist... how can you resist cake... CAKEEEEEEE!!! (the twisting is up to you)

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Posted: 01-03-13 17:00 by Hanibearxoxo