Distance Students,share your experience with NEC/other distance learning provider

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So far I ve had a quite bad experience with NEC,tutor that is lazy and slow to respond,biology experiments that don t work so you spend ages getting equipment,paying for all of it yourself,setting up... & in the end you don t get results.Very frustrating.To top it off the course pack doesn t always relate to the course,makes you learn things that you dontneed to know (says so on the specification) and doesn t contain everything.I don t blame them entirely as the book is bad + the online activities that go with the textbook aren t free.I paid a lot of money for an inadequate service.
I have heard from 1 student that said that her tutor was also slow to respnd.

I have put some categories that you can cut +paste to help others make informed decisions.

Good points:

Bad points:

Would you recommend it to a friends:

Was it like you expected:

Did they provide you with exam papers:

Did you get a proper service for the money you paid? :

Experience of tutor (good/bad/seemed liek he/she was unqualified...)


Level(GCSE/A Level etc) +how far you are in the course(nearly finished,just started etc) :

Thanks  for your help

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