Dilemma - A level Subjects for Medicine

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I want to do medicine so I'm definitely doing BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY AND MATH

but I don't know whether to choose HISTORY or RELIGIOUS STUDIES (ETHICS) as my fourth subject

Which one should would be a better choice for somebody wanting to go into Medicine?

Posted Mon 4th February, 2013 @ 19:32 by Momo.
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Really it's whatever you enjoy the most, because you have all of the subjects you need for medicine. You need to choose the subject you enjoy the most because if you don't enjoy it then you wont want to revise it or learn it.

Answered Mon 4th February, 2013 @ 19:39 by Tilly - Team GR
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You have chosen extremely difficult subjects - so I would bare in mind the fact you might want something that doesn't add too much weight on your shoulders!

I take history myself but i can't say too much about religious studies, though I know that history has pretty big exams at the end of the year! However, it can come brilliant use when you write your personal statement when applying in the future, as you will gain good skills at analysing and interpreting sources/data and the ability to do extensive research - which universities love. 

Hope this helped :)

Answered Tue 5th February, 2013 @ 21:22 by Nikorasu
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I think you should take RE because then you learn about ethical issues like abortion and euthanasia which would be really interesting subjects to talk about at interview, and show you have thought around your subject.

Answered Thu 7th February, 2013 @ 18:29 by Joanne
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Thank you! I'll just have to think about it

Answered Mon 4th February, 2013 @ 20:21 by Momo.
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by the way the 3 subjects you are already taking are quite hard, so you might want to opt for an easier subject. 

I dont know about Religious studies, but I know history is difficult. I took it at AS level and dropped it after 2/3 weeks cause it was too much work with my other subjects (bio, chem and physics). 

Answered Mon 4th February, 2013 @ 20:24 by Tilly - Team GR
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i do almost the exact same subjects you want to do, biology, maths, further maths, chemistry and History and i want to study medecine. History is hard but it's really nice to have a change from the sciences but i'm sure the same is true for religous studies. History is very popular with the top universities as it's a good traditional subject. as people mentioned above the ethics part may be useful for medecine but someone metioned it being easier. I have never really looked into it but you might want to do some research into what universities think of it as you need to be wary about 'easy' options, especially for something as competetive as medecine. All in all, do your research but most importantly do the subject you enjoy. you'll struggle to get yourself motivated enough-especially for essays- if you're not interested in the topic. Hope this helps and good luck :) 

Answered Thu 7th February, 2013 @ 21:38 by sammy
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I want to do medicine as well and I've just had my sixth form opening day on Wednesday and I personally thought that Maths was something that was definate for me in order to study medicine but it's actually not. Initially, my plan to study medicine was to pick Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English for A levels but since my opening day, I've changed my mind and I'm now picking Biology, Chemistry, Psychology (which is such a helpful subject to take for getting onto the medicine route) and English.

But anyway, I think you should take History rather than RE because History is sure to open up more doors for you because there's so many ways you can go with studying History. You just need to research about which subject has more opputunities I guess.

Answered Fri 8th February, 2013 @ 22:28 by Former Member
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I also want to go into Medicine and I'm doing to do Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Literature. From what i've heard, many universities would prefer History to RE. :) GOOD LUCK!!

Answered Sat 9th February, 2013 @ 12:07 by Lullu
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Thanks so much everyone, all of this has been really helpful! 

- I obviously have a lot of thinking to do!

Although history's preferred, I guess there's an element to which you'd enjoy more and I think R.E, in my mind, seems a bit more 'fresh' and exciting.
But it's true that

I've been advised by universities to take three sciences including math to be a stronger applicant - but I enjoy it as well.

I also fear taking to essay based subjects will be too much.What do you think?

Answered Sun 10th February, 2013 @ 17:56 by Momo.
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I vote religious studies!

Answered Mon 18th February, 2013 @ 12:48 by Hannah