Differences between Civil and Criminal Law??

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Has anyone got any resources/quizzes/crosswords that i can use for revision

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No resources i'm afraid but

Criminal law mainly covers rules for how people are allowed to behave when they live in the UK. 
Civil law covers relationships and disputes between people and organisations.

Criminal cases
Most minor criminal cases are heard in Magistrates Courts - which also cover family courts and youth courts. More serious cases are heard in a Crown Court - usually in front of a judge and jury. Sometimes a case is heard in a Magistrates Court but passed to a Crown Court for sentencing.

In criminal cases, the accused person is assumed to be innocent until proven guilty. They are only found guilty if evidence proves this 'beyond reasonable doubt'.

Civil cases

Many civil cases never get to court - they are resolved before through discussion usually between the parties' legal advisors.
Cases that do get to court are usually heard in a county court. Bigger cases are heard at the High Court in London - or an equivalent court elsewhere in the UK.
Some administrative cases - for example, employment claims - are heard at tribunals. Unlike criminal cases, civil cases are judged on probability based on the evidence.

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