Did the holocaust actually happen.....

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did the holocaust actually happen.....

well its true but how much of the statistics can we understand and accept..

AnY IdEas?????

Posted: 02-02-11 12:43 by Asha Akhtar

In consideration to the fact that not only Jews were killed but many others as well I would say that at least 6-8 million people died within the holocaust because if you did study history in Yr9 (WW11) you would have realized that at least 4-5 million people were killed within Auschwitz.

Posted: 16-02-11 17:51 by Manthan Patel

Of course it happened. We have pictures and newspaper articles. There are 'NeoNazis' around the globe today who claimed it didn't happen; they are looking for acceptance? I don't know. It definately happened and to claim otherwise is, well, ignorant.

Posted: 22-02-11 11:18 by Rebecca

well personal opinions?? there are some histroains whom say it didnt happen :S i dont know personal apporach i think...

Posted: 28-02-11 12:47 by Asha Akhtar

I think the evidence is pretty over whelming that it did happen. My only doubt is do we actually know the full extent of it?

Posted: 23-03-11 19:55 by claudia

It must have happened, as there are too many individual accounts of it for it to have been falsified. Also, if it didn't happen, then who orchestrated the invention of it?? 

Don't be fooled, the holocaust did happen. 

Posted: 26-03-11 20:32 by Jack

Of course the holocaust actually happened. I think some relative of my mums was took into the holocaust aswell. She said that he had all his fingernails ripped off and was branded with hot irons. And like someone said earlier on in the discussion, it wasn't only Jews that suffered in the holocaust, it was most minorities such as disabled people and so on. So yes the holocaust did happen and to not accept it is ignorance because of how many people suffered due to an evil ruler being ignorant and not accepting minorities.

Posted: 29-03-11 19:42 by Nicole

of course it happened, ever seen Auschwitz? 

Posted: 29-03-11 22:29 by Rebekah Lander


Posted: 01-04-11 19:04 by amelia

I am going to Auschwitz next week, and let me say this:

anyone who denies the Holocast denies the existence of Hitler himself.

and we all know he was real right :)

Posted: 02-04-11 16:07 by <classified>

I have to say man, Auschwitz is not a place I would like to return to again. I mean, it was an interesting place to go to and learn about it but it's very moving. I was excited to go when I first heard I was going (I went in October 2009) but when I got there, the reality hit me like a train. I guess this was because I also went to Birkenau (Which was like 6 times more bigger than Auschwitz) and also to Krakow-Plaszow concentration camp (The concentration camp from Schindler's List which is now completely destroyed). No matter what concentration camp you go to, you always will be moved by it and will realise the reality and horror of the holocaust.

Posted: 04-04-11 19:49 by Anton Agejev

I agree with Anton. I went to Auschwitz and Birkenau; whilst it was very moving it was also very disturbing at the same time. What makes it even worse is that they have built a fast food/shop right across from it near the railway tracks.

Asha the holocaust did happen with more than 6 million jews, homosexuals, homeless people, political opponents and many others being executed but not before being made to work to death. They also committed experiements on the prisoners such as trying to make women sterile and on identical twins. 
It is hard to get your head around; how could a man kill that many people!?
But there is many evidence that proves what the Nazi's were doing. These include the photos allied planes captured whilst they flew over the death camps and when the Nazi's fled they were unable to destroy all the evidence such as the register of the earlier years when they recorded everyone's names to make it look legit, and the prisoners possessions. 
The allied forces also saved survivors of the camp who recalled the atrocity they experienced whilst there. 

But you have to remember that whilst Hitler and the Death Camps are very well known, Stalin, the leader of Russia, killed more than Hitler. It is estimated he killed up to 20 million of his own people during his reign.

Hope this helps.

Melissa x 

Posted: 05-04-11 19:13 by Melissa Kingscott

Of course the Holocaust happened, as a Jew although my immediate family was unaffected a lot of my friends and a great aunts families died in Auschwitz. Over 12 million people died in the Holocaust 6 million Jews 6 million others. If you want an account from a survivor read Night by Elie Wiesel and you will see the Holocaust was not a hoax

Posted: 19-04-11 15:08 by Daniel Solomon

I did this essay in y9. Can't rememer ifitwa any good but I had a lot of evidence in it. If you want to read I can put it up.

Posted: 07-05-11 12:09 by Megan

Holocaust denial is illegal in several countries. I visited Sachsenhausen in 2009, I want to go to Auschwitz-Birkenau, I have watched the silent back and white footage from the liberation of Auschwitz that the Russian's filmed. The Holocaust is real, it happened.

Posted: 07-05-11 20:33 by Rebekah

the holocaust definatly happened. full stop. no way to get out of it and i know it's difficult to get your head around it but it did people died and we can't change it. but we can rember it and we should because otherwise it could happen again

Posted: 21-05-11 17:41 by Jasmine

yes it did happen, there is so much evidence, there was one person who was thrown in jail in poland for saying it never existed, but thi nk of all the mjusems and english lifes that were lost they couldnt of beeing fighting for nothing. all the films that back up the information hitler hated disabled jewish and people who had different cultures. **

Posted: 23-05-11 20:37 by meg

I definitely believe it did! It is as real as Hitler was, there is a lot of images and accounts and other evidence to prove this

Posted: 25-04-12 14:23 by Emily.F

Of Course it did. Stupid question.

Posted: 30-04-12 13:26 by Dido Finn

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Posted: 03-05-12 12:11 by Vid

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Posted: 03-05-12 18:23 by Sabah x