Did anyone do maths unit 3 today?

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hey, did any of you do maths unit 3 edexcel today? I did, how did you all find it?

Posted: 19-06-12 19:57 by asdfghjkl

I had it today. It was awful! We weren't taught much of what came up as our teacher said that she wouldn't be teaching us the higher graded subjects as the majority of the class was below that level.

It was so hard i missed out a lot of questions - not looking forward to the results of that

BUT it was my last exam so i can't be too unhappy lol

Posted: 19-06-12 23:10 by Lizzie..

I thought it was a really easy exam - I missed out the vectors section but I'm so happy it wasn't circles for the last question because I really **** at it but how did you find it asdfghjkl ?


Posted: 20-06-12 12:03 by Georgia

I thought it was a quite good paper but there were some difficult questions :s

Posted: 20-06-12 13:23 by Lollipop

Which ones did you find difficult?

Posted: 20-06-12 15:09 by Georgia

I didn't like the questions on vectors, sine and cosine rule and fractions

Posted: 20-06-12 15:52 by Lollipop