Describe your perfect boy

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My perfect boy must must must wear Hollister must have big shoulders, must be cute and not clingy and not sappy, must play rugby, must be all rounded good at sport must be a family boy and good with kids, must wear nice clothes and shoes, wear designer clothes like Hollister and abercrombie:D

Posted: 19-04-12 18:53 by nabeelah

lol jus tke a luk at david villa (ma profile pic)

Posted: 19-04-12 19:06 by Sabah x

not much then...?

Posted: 20-04-12 13:52 by Bianca Hart

the appropriate parts MUST be there.

Posted: 20-04-12 13:53 by Bianca Hart

he must have 2 eyes and 2 feet

Posted: 20-04-12 13:54 by Bex

and a MASSIVE forehead

Posted: 20-04-12 13:57 by Bianca Hart

(5 toes on each foot)

Posted: 20-04-12 13:59 by Bex

lol yeah soooo basically he shud be human nd male!!! :P

Posted: 20-04-12 16:44 by Sabah x

I should be able to have a good convo with him. Tbh I don't really know. But I do want to date someone with blue eyes once. My 'perfect guy' doesn't need to have them I guess, but I just want to have that experience :P

Posted: 21-04-12 18:12 by Aparna