Deadly and Monstrous Issue for All Students

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Most of the times, you must have received threats from your instructor to avoid the plagiarism since the beginning of your academic career. Now your first paper is due and you are panicking already thinking about this issue. Several questions are coming up on your mind screen such as “What is considered as plagiarism?”, “What will you do about it?”, and “Can plagiarism occurs accidentally?” Just knock off your caps lock and keep calm! I am here to provide answers to your concerns and queries related to the ways to avoid plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?

You must have noticed that no one is willing to speak in class and ask some obvious queries, that is, what exactly is plagiarism? How can I avoid plagiarism if I do not know about it? As per the dictionary, plagiarism is the use of other person’s words and ideas without crediting that person. You may have considered this definition already and you are failed to get the actual meaning of this definition. I know your paper will be all about others’ ideas and concepts. Plagiarism could be any of the below mentioned points:

·         Use of exact quotations without using the proper quotation marks

·         Copying someone’s work with exact words from the beginning to the end without any change in it

·         Not attributing the quotation of authors to use the appropriate guide of style

·         Paraphrasing the text closer to the original one

This is all fine but what is the big deal to avoid the plagiarism? Is there any such thing as original ideas?

Reasons of plagiarism to be deadly

Plagiarism can kill your grades even if you have committed the act of the plagiarism accidently. What is the issue and why instructors are so concerned about it? When you seek help by asking “write assignment for me”, you should think of someone’s ideas as the intellectual property. The re-use of these ideas without attribution is more like stealing. We all know that stealing is not a legal act and it has similar consequences.

Methods to avoid the issue of plagiarism

·         Method 1 – Paraphrasing: This method is beneficial for all of the students as they cannot only quote the sources but it is not possible to quote the sources back to back. Paraphrasing is all about summarising the information from the source.

·         Method 2 – Use of quotation: the second method is learning to avoid the plagiarism without using the quotation marks. This method is straightforward, but you must know the placement of your quotation marks.   

·         Method 3 – Citation for your sources: Your instructor must have told you about the citation manual to be followed for your assignment paper. You should ensure that all sources are used for constructing the argument or the research paper. Not only the in-text citations should be given, but complete citations should also be given

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