DDDU biology, sociology, biology and chemistry. should i resit

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Biology U.1 = C U.2= C U.3= E

sociology U.1= U U.2  = B ( two marks from a A )

Phsyics U.1 = e U.2 = cU.3 = B

Chemistry U U C 

would it be advisable for me to resit, i'm hoping to get a ABB in biology chmeistry and sociology by the end. 

my school is offering extra classes after school monday-thursdays with AS Level help.

Therefore you would postulate that i'll be doing a sort of Linear A level. 

i'm hoping to get into Biomedical sciences ( most requirements  = ABB/BBB)

Posted: 02-09-13 22:35 by MP

If I were you, I would resit Biology unit 3, Sociology unit 1, Physics unit 1 and Chemistry units 1 and 2. I know that's a lot of resits on top of the exams you probably already have, but if you work hard enough, you can probably do it. Do you need chemistry to do biomedical sciences? If not, I would suggest working more at physics, as you seem to be doing better in that subject anyway.

Posted: 04-09-13 19:16 by Pennaling

Yeah, I agree with Penny

Posted: 13-11-13 13:01 by Hannah