Dan Lindsay is ruining getrevising.co.uk

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yeah could their be a possible reason behind it bbe

going to weddings and all hope your not thinking a head without inviting me JK

Posted: 30-11-12 16:43 by aliimz

lool i was busy wiv akeel :D

lool awww haha XDDD hmmm weddings wud be sooo cool wiv u LMAO

u can cum tmoz ma cuzzyz gettin married...

Posted: 30-11-12 16:45 by Sabah

cool akeel having the best time of his life

i know man i wouldve went wild with my mixed pathaan dance 

Posted: 30-11-12 16:46 by aliimz

awww lool ik he iz rght? haha XDD

lol OMG yeah u wudda lightened up da mood XDD ohhh seriously gonna call u wen bro gets married XDD lool u dnt mind cumin bradford rght?

Posted: 30-11-12 16:49 by Sabah

duh --> why wouldnt he!!!!

of course i would wheres bradford????

how old is your bro anyway he sounds 20ish

Posted: 30-11-12 16:52 by aliimz

lool truuh haha XD

lol yeah haha...lol get a map..or u cud cum wiv ma cuzzy wen he cumz..im sure he wunt mind ;) lool

yeah hez 21 XD actz 11 tho ;)

Posted: 30-11-12 16:54 by Sabah


blud i dont even think i ll be able to read the map 

ooooooooooh cuzzy nah im jk im too innocent for this

so at least hes safe

Posted: 30-11-12 16:56 by aliimz

lool XD aww haha

lol hmmm...yeah lol tooo innocent haha XD fyi...all da bradford gurls droool over him LOL XD

lol yeah really safe..ma 18 yr old nd 15 yr old bro arent tho..itz lyk i cant even walk outta da house wivout wearin a scarf :| lool WTH?

Posted: 30-11-12 17:02 by Sabah

yeah well dont make me drool

coool i have a 15 yr old bro, 18 yr old bro 11 yr old sis 13 yr old sis and 20 yr old sis

Posted: 30-11-12 17:04 by aliimz

lool XD haha i wont :)

cool lol XD 3 sisters? OMFG how do u liv..ive got 1 nd she iz sooo frikin annoyin :(( cannot w8 till she marries nd leaves LMAO

Posted: 30-11-12 17:07 by Sabah

no my sis are alright

my older sis helps me wid work and my younger two --> well that another story

my bros are like tight 

Posted: 30-11-12 17:09 by aliimz

eugghhh i h8 myne...seriously tlk bout annoyin! :@ lool XD

tight? cool XD

Posted: 30-11-12 17:11 by Sabah

my older sis is all like omg am i gaing weight how do i look etc

my youngers are like no fck way why do you have it and i dont

and im like fck off before i kcik your ***

but its funny becasue im shorter than my youngest sis but not so short dw

and my bros yeah they watch like no indian dramas and listen to cool stufff and buy me things so im like bro get me this (most of the time food)

Posted: 30-11-12 17:13 by aliimz

LMAO haha awwww

lool haha aww shortie XD lool

lmao..i do dat anall...haha XD

Posted: 30-11-12 17:15 by Sabah

hey i wear high heels 

and yep what can you do without them

Posted: 30-11-12 17:17 by aliimz

lol seriously?? OMG i wud kill people if dey made me wear dose...i h8 heels :((

lool wivout hu? broz? LOL nowt id die...i need ma broz

Posted: 30-11-12 17:20 by Sabah

i only started waring them this year and they are very comfortable they're not high like high high

im gonna start wearing brown boots i saw gorgeous one in dorothy perkins and it would suit my coat nicely

Posted: 30-11-12 17:23 by aliimz

eughhh no way...cant wear em

i jus recently started wearin sandals..... LOL

i lyk boots...buhh not heel 1s...lukin for some nice uggs...buhhh deyre shiyt nd fake apparently...i want uggs :((

Posted: 30-11-12 17:25 by Sabah

cool my mate has really uggs

yeah lucky her --> but her dads a gynecologist 

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Posted: 30-11-12 17:26 by aliimz

lol..yeah luky her

i asked ma dad nd her were lyk how much...i sed £165.....cheapest i cud find :( soo he sed no way! by some ova 1z :(( soo mean

watz dat?? loool XDD

Posted: 30-11-12 17:41 by Sabah

yeah my dad allows it ma mum is like you get \a part time job and get halff and ill pay the rest 

cruelty of asian parents

Posted: 30-11-12 17:43 by aliimz


yeah...hmm if dat were ma bro...hed be lyk yeah son buzz of it...buhh hez just mean 2 me :(

lool sooo truuh XD itz annoyin tho...i dnt see y i cant hav em...i can buy it wiv my own money anall...buhhh no...meaniez :((

Posted: 30-11-12 17:45 by Sabah

i know they are but thats life 

Posted: 30-11-12 17:47 by aliimz

hmmm..lyf suks :(

Posted: 30-11-12 17:49 by Sabah

not really i cant wait for my bday 

:( even though it is in march

Posted: 30-11-12 17:50 by aliimz