criminal law

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Can someone please help me on the following questions? many thanks

Analyse each incident payingparticular regard to the Actus reus and Mens Rea. and highlight all relevant case law.

  1. A has stabbed B in the arm. A is taken to hospital by a neighbour and on the way they are involved in a serious car accident in which B suffers severe head injuries. Can A be held liable for these head injuries?
  2. C has broken into D’s flat. C threatens to **** D and so D jumps through an open window to escape and breaks both her legs. Is C liable for these injuries?
  3. E has stabbed F in the chest. At the hospital F is given a blood transfusion but a mistake by the doctor in giving the wrong blood to F causes his death.
  4. G is at the riverside skimming stones into the water. It is a hot day and there are a number of children playing nearby. One of the stones hits a child causing a serious injury.
  5. H is in a law lecture and leans back on only two legs of the chair. One of the legs is on J’s foot. J asks H to remove the chair. H thinks it funny and does not move for several minutes despite the obvious discomfort to J.

6. K throws a stone at the neighbour’s cat. It misses andhits L on the side of the face

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