Creation stories

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Can any help me I need creation stories for my RE homework. I know Christian and science views as we are doing them at school but any other story's would be very helpful. Thanks

Posted: 22-01-13 16:50 by Former Member

Islam: Muslims believe God created the world and many million years after he ordered angels to go down to earth and collect dirt. Out of this dirt or clay God created the first man - Adam. and it was using adams spine Eve was created. Adam and Eve lived in the heavens and God ordered the angels to bow down infront of them, all did except for an angel called iblis who is now the devil, he said he was made out of fire and was supirior to man therefore God cast him out of heaven and eversince the devil has lead us on the wrong path to prove his supirority

Posted: 22-01-13 20:30 by Princess Aleena

Thank you that is very helpful

Posted: 22-01-13 20:36 by Former Member

Any time

Posted: 22-01-13 20:38 by Princess Aleena