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How close are your exams? Do your find yourself cramming revision so much that the information just isn't going in? Here's the place to discuss better techniques!

Posted: 03-06-09 18:04 by Isya

right i have electronic understudied relationships & distrupting rhythms to still learn so whats the best way to cram in that information in a day?!

just going over A02 & reading through A01 to get the jist?

Posted: 04-06-09 17:43 by Emma

Ok well i found that looking up all the topics that have come up in the past exam papers and just writing a few words about each topic so that you remember it pretty much prepares you for what is going to be in the exam! It worked for me! How did you find the exam today?

Posted: 09-06-09 11:48 by Ebony Howard

Yes, I like that technique~ really effective for just going over everything closer to the exam :)

(EEp, sorry, I have no idea how to reply to individual things ^^; )

Exam went OK for me, pretty straightforward questions. Wish there was more time, though!

Posted: 09-06-09 16:33 by Isya

Really glad that the other exam is 2 hours long!


Posted: 09-06-09 17:26 by Ebony Howard

Urgh so much to learn! Chemotherapy, systematic desensitization.... my brain will melt!

Posted: 31-12-10 00:16 by Serena-Louise

I always start my revision several months before the exam, then I don't need to rush revision. It's also important that you are eating a balanced diet, sleeping enough and are revision in you optimum way! :D


Posted: 31-12-10 08:58 by Emma Brookes