could you give me a rough idea at what mark this would be?

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It was on that morning in which i was woken up by singing birds and the sun blinding my windows. as i stepped out of the hamock i felt a wet pond surrounding my feet - It was water. Water in which i am clueless of how it got there. I Ran to fetch a towel from the historical bathroom and placed it over the water.

   Soon enough i was out of the building, my eyes couldn't believe what they were exploring. a golden sun shone upon the sea, reflecting its beautiful colours. they both complimented eachother.

Okay Im currently at a E in my english but i wrote this random text for you to give me your opinion on what grade this would be? thanks alot. im yr 10.

Posted Mon 6th May, 2013 @ 20:25 by katy

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 I don't want to give you a grade because I'm not sure, and the grade I give you will not be accurate if you understand what I mean..

but here are some simple advice which can help you move from an E..

BTW these might be typo erros or they might be actuall errors, so forgive me if they are just typo errors

1) Whenever you write the letter I on it's own always write it in capital

2) In you second paragraph, I have noticed you don't begin a new sentence with a capital letter - but this may just be a typo error

These are just two simple gramatical errors I have said. I think it's good you are practising and try and read more because it will help expand your vocabulary. And one other thing you could do is proof read, to see if you can spot any of your own gramatical errors.

BTW the piece of text you gave, I really don't believe you are an E grade student because this is really good for an E grade student.. so well done :) !

Good luck.. and feel free to add more things you have written.. 

Answered Tue 7th May, 2013 @ 18:15 by ? Secret - Team GR
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