could any of you give me tips on how to improve in english? please???!

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hey, i need to get into a level 3 course at college so need a good c or above, however I'm currently working at a scary d/c kind of boundary.

i struggle slightly with spelling, grammar, and really getting my point across with it being detailed, without me going on to the point of boring people :( 

ill give anyone who helps me 5 stars on anything

p.s it needs to be quick help because my exam is in 8 days :( xox 

Posted Wed 2nd January, 2013 @ 20:35 by Kerry x

1 Answer

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In the long term you should read good classic books to improve your English. Check my website (link on my profile page) for a great reading list. However, in the short term it would be good to revise over your notes. If you want a revision resource made for you on any specific topic then visit my website, email me and I will create one for you for absolutely FREE.

Hope that helps

Answered Thu 3rd January, 2013 @ 09:58 by Unknown