Coping & Cheating I NEED YOUR ADVICE!

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I had an exam today and I'm not sure about other exam halls but in the sports hall at my college each desk isn't that far apart. 

Anyway, I had this idiot next to me who was coping me. He turned page when I did.

If I turned my head in the direction he was sitting he would immediately look down pretending he wasn't looking even though it was obvious he was and I caught him doing this at least 6 times.

I could see him out of the corner of my eye looking several times therefore I hid my paper away from him. After this he was becoming very fidgety in his chair trying to lean forward and look. 

Also I had a lot of time left therefore spent about 2 minutes having a drink and recomposing myself, during these 2 minutes he did nothing and sat there playing with his pen waiting for me to move on.

The funny thing was none of the invigilators saw him do it and I didn't want to put my hand up so after the exam I reported him and the member of staff will be 'dealing with it'.

I've known this person for a long time and they have copied people in the past and he is the kind of person who wouldn't revise.

Another person saw him do it too so they are on my side as a witness

It just annoys me how people have to cheat, especially when I tried so hard and work hard and people will just take credit. It also made me feel uneasy

Did I do the right thing? Has anyone experienced this before? Copying is wrong when it's a real exam isn't it?

Posted: 24-05-12 17:01 by Laura

this has never happened to me before but i would have been seriosly annoyed if it had. You've cirtainly done the right thing by reporting it! He shouldn't be taking the credit for all your hard work! Well done :) **

Posted: 29-05-12 15:01 by Vee