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Could someone tell me how to comment and add to a discussion? I'm new to this website and i can't figure it out.


Posted Thu 28th February, 2013 @ 21:38 by Sophianna_xx

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Hi and a very warm welcome to you!

To add to a discussion simply select which particular discussion you would lyk 2 contribute to and go to the last page of the discussion (if it has multiple pages) then select: 'Reply to this topic'.

If you r already signed in on your computer then u won't need to sign in again but if you're not then log in and write your chosen reply before clicking: 'Post Answer'...usually it will say : 'Invalid form' or something along those lines so just do watever it's asking you 2 do then post your reply.

To comment, I'd suggest that you first log in on your computer/laptop (watever it is) so that the site automatically suggests: 'Leave a Comment'.

Okay,wonder if you're still awake after readin' this boring reply but hope it's useful!!!

And btw welcome again!

Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 05:06 by Aneesa
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Thank you so much Aneesa; for the warm welcoming AND for the reply.

After i read ur reply i started to 'experiment' and so i think i'm getting the hang of it. Plz reply if you get this message so i know i'v got it right.

P.S. Just to let u kno that i didn't fall asleep...


Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 20:22 by Sophianna_xx
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No problem; round the corner if you need anything...Gud luck experimenting!!!

Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 22:34 by Aneesa
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P.S. i cud say dat i am becoming addicted....somefing like

Answered Mon 4th March, 2013 @ 17:44 by Sophianna_xx