Citizen khan

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is jokes innit..

Posted: 28-09-12 09:14 by Paki

ya bruv it iz =P

Posted: 28-09-12 11:19 by Akeel 786

i watched it (forced by my friends) and it makes me understand the Pakistani culture better, but i dont agree in how they manipulate religion Islam because people should have religioius freedom and mocking the Koran isnt accdeptable

Posted: 28-09-12 17:51 by ELectrica!

I dnt agree dat its the 'pakistani culture' many things in that have changed day 2 day i mean , im sure SOME of the things in ther COULD be related but... no i dont agree it includes all of the pakistani culture. aspects of it , yes , but not all.

Posted: 30-09-12 12:09 by SciTech

I think they should make a season 2 cuz its bare funny.....

Posted: 02-10-12 11:38 by Paki