Ciao guys

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This group was silent for quite a while. Maybe, we should start talking about italiano. This is just an introduction. We have enough people and i would like every single person to talk about them. You can talk in italiano if you like. Yeah, show off a bit!!!

PLEASE....correct anyone if they are wrong...its for their and your BENEFIT!!!!

This is me-

Mi chiamo Pinkypops. I am doing Edxcel italian GCSE. I am aiming for an A or A*. I quite like italian. I would love to visit Venice. Mi cappeli neri e lunghi. Abito in Hampshire. I started to speak in italian when i was in year 8.

Posted: 22-02-10 19:57 by Pinkypops

Ciao mi chiamo Francesco, sono italiano e un poco inglese ma non mi piace l'ingliterra , Ciao Pinkypops, come stai?

e ti piace Italiano ? , Amo Italiano perche e molto bella lingue. I miei capelli e neri e corti. Abito nel sud-ouest del paese !

Posted: 24-03-10 20:47 by Francesco D'Alessio

u r not even part of the edexcel italiano come did you get the group forum???

Sono Indiana. Mi piace India molto!!! I don't know much about italian language so i'm not goin' to comment on that!!!

I can make you do all my

Posted: 27-03-10 16:51 by Pinkypops

Ciao, mi chiamo Rebecca. Im a studying italian higher in Glasgow. If I can be any help, please ask. R x

Posted: 07-01-11 22:39 by Rebecca Park

Hey guys I am Claudia and I am italian, I am studying A2 Italian in Edinburgh

if anyone needs help just ask me :)


Posted: 24-03-11 19:47 by Claudia Gusmitta

ciao ragazzi io mi chiamo maxine... sono italiana di origine ma ho vissuto á londra per 8 anni adesso... adoro la lingua é una lingua molto espressionata... lo só bene ma ho a volte mi dimentico  delle parole. se chiunque gli serve il mio aiuto chiedetemelo... ho fatto il mio GCSE in italiano e ho preso A* ... in qualche settimana faró il mio AS in italiano!!

Posted: 25-03-11 16:52 by maxine

Ciao tutti, mi chiamo Cesi, :)

Posted: 07-04-11 10:31 by Francesco D'Alessio

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Sara e sono italiana :)

I did my italian GCSE in year 10 and got an A* so if anyone needs help just ask!

I'm in year 11 now, doing my italian AS, just let me know if you need help **

Posted: 19-04-11 11:16 by Sara

Ciao, mi chiamo Emma. Ho intenzione di iniziare italiano nella mia scuola il prossimo anno, non vedo l'ora! È duro italiano? Ho fatto francesi e tedeschi prima.

Posted: 19-04-11 16:29 by Emma

Per me l'italiano non e duro, perche parlo l'italiano a casa, pero devi studiare un sacco!


Posted: 20-04-11 13:58 by Sara

Sara wrote:

Ciao a tutti, mi chiamo Sara e sono italiana :)

I did my italian GCSE in year 10 and got an A* so if anyone needs help just ask!

I'm in year 11 now, doing my italian AS, just let me know if you need help **

Posted: 26-04-11 10:51 by megan


Mi chiamo Poppy e sono italiana.

I'm year 9 and i'm doing a fastrack italian course, so i do my GCSE exams this year. I was wondering if you could tell me what sort of things you revised and useful websites etc to use in order to aid my revision.

I've got my listening exam on the 24th of May and my reading exam on the 8th of June. So anything would be really helpful ;)


Posted: 03-05-11 19:17 by Poppy

Mi chiamo Natasha. I am doing the short course of Italian and it is an amazing language. x

Posted: 25-05-11 12:01 by Natasha Naeem

Ciao! Mi chiamo Gina, I'm doing GCSE Italian this year, then next year attempting AS and A2 Italian so that I can do it at uni in 2012 :D x

Posted: 31-05-11 21:52 by Gina

Ciao, mi chiamo tom. Mi piace italian perche e puo bella di inglese. La mia scuola e bene per le lingue, anche i professori e bene. Amo la dramma. Abito nel Norfolk con la mia madre mio patrigno e i miei due fratelli, ma quando ero piccolo ho abitato in essex con ma madre. Ho i capelli rosso. l'anno prossimo studio la francese.

I probably made loads of errors in there. But, i'm studying italian until next year I started last september, after doing 3 years of fastrack french, i'm not the best in the class by far but i am still enjoying it. I'm hoping that i can talk to you other italian studying people for revision techniques and things that i just can not remember. :) Also, i'm campaigning for head boy soon at my school so... wish me luck, i suppose??

Posted: 16-06-11 07:27 by Tom

Good luck Tom x

Posted: 06-07-11 10:18 by Natasha Naeem


mi chiama charlie :) sono studaire italiano, ma é troppo dificile e 'im not very good'

come il tuo l'esami 'GO' lol sorry my italian is diobolical! as is my spelling!

 just wondered is people here would just like to speak in tialian? just general chat! anyways


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Posted: 21-12-11 14:39 by charlie small


Mi chiamo Lauren e ho seidici anni. Abito a Jersey. Studio Italiano da quattro anni.

Just wondering but how do you all revise for the reading and listening exams? I've got mine coming up in about a month (AQA btw) and I'm very nervous!

Posted: 13-04-12 21:22 by LaurenE


Mi chiamo sabrina e ho seidici anni . Ho nato in Italia ma ho vissuto nel UK per 14 anni quindi ho dimenticato come parlare italiano. Addesso sto studiano italiano ora nella scuola secondaria.

My italian is rusty as its my second year studying it , as I said I have an italian backround and love to learn the language again. Just wondering where I could get a italian penpal to help extend my vocab.

LaurenE I'd say in your spare time read alot of italian books and also watch italian movies just to be familar with language more.I can recommend alot of italian films you'll enjoy

Posted: 23-12-12 22:18 by Sabrina Nasir