choosing a question out of the 4 in Section B - AS

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4 questions in section B, i usually take a while decieding which one to answer. then i end up getting stuck whilst writing :S

ahh i know it tends to be split up like:

physical- hazards

physical- climate change

human - population


part a) asks you to look at the resource for 10 marks

and part b) asks for you to use your case study.

so yeah , basically i cant really deciede which one to go for, and then i waste time, and lose marks..

Posted: 14-05-11 19:02 by kath

I would look through the work you have done in class, your teacher wouldhave taught you one topic knowing you only need to do one and there being no point in teaching you all of them. work out which one you have learnt and choose that one. if in  doubt ask the teacher of friend, when is your exam?

Posted: 16-05-11 21:13 by Alex