Choose a relationship in Romeo and Juliet (I have picked Juliet and the Nurse) to explore the importance and development.

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This is what we have to do for our GCSE question and I need help and points on the relationship between the Nurse and Juliet besides the obvious the 'Mother & Daughter' like relationship they have. 

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The Nurse is not just a mother figure; she is almost a friend who juliet can chat with and share her inner feelings, something that is not always wihat children do with their mothers, but usually their friends. However whilst talking bout their relationship you can mention the flaws: The Nurse may have been the 'mother'and 'friend' but she failed to understand Juliets love for Romeo, and advised her to marry Paris which shows that her number one priority is not completely juliets feelings - she is in some ways a pawn of lord and lady capulet as she can get Juliet to do certain things that uphold the respectability of the Capulets simply by advising her to. Basically is their relationship as perfect as it seems or is getting close to the Nurse all Juliet can do as her mother is far from MOTHERly

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Answered Thu 5th July, 2012 @ 22:16 by Lamise Hassan