christmas XD

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lol ik i am nyc haha XD

lol...yeah rememba XDD den ill take u 4 a ride sometym XDD

Posted: 03-12-12 20:51 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol y alix?

we dont even celabrate it buhh i still lyk it XD

Posted: 03-12-12 20:52 by Waqar Khanny :)


Awwwwww!! loooooooooooooooooooll!! yayyyy! :P cant wait ;)

Posted: 03-12-12 20:54 by adfv

lol...haha yeah u probz won't lyk it..sabah hated it XDD lol itz awsome tho XDD

Posted: 03-12-12 20:55 by Waqar Khanny :)

looool! wont i? :( lool didnt shee! hahhahhaa! isssiiitt nowww :P 

Posted: 03-12-12 20:58 by adfv

lol...well i dunno...i luv riding it XDD

hmm we'll hav 2 see bout u XDD i luk forward 2 taking u for a ride XDD

lol well no..i toook sabah 4 a ride nd she were screamin at me da whole way...she was scared haha XD but itz fun XDD

yeah i  luv ma quad...itz awsome XDD

Posted: 03-12-12 21:01 by Waqar Khanny :)

LOOOL! do youu! hahaha ;) 

omddayzz LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL! Ohh khans alredii got onee :D woowooww :P 

Posted: 03-12-12 21:02 by adfv

yeah XDD

yeah...i cant liv wivout it XDD yeah ik im obsessed  XDD lol buhh seriously u hav 2 see it XDD lool....

Posted: 03-12-12 21:04 by Waqar Khanny :)

looooll! u cant live without it... ur obsessd with it... i need to have a word with it :P lool

yehh i wnaa see!! 

Posted: 03-12-12 21:06 by adfv

jus dont do much x

Posted: 03-12-12 21:07 by Alex

haha XDD lool yeah XDD

lool..cum round nd ill show u XDD

@ alix

hmmm...wat bout da presents? u enjoy gettin them right?

Posted: 03-12-12 21:10 by Waqar Khanny :)

Hmmmm.... LOL!! yessssssss :D hahahah

Posted: 03-12-12 21:11 by adfv

lol soo ur comin right?? XD

Posted: 03-12-12 21:12 by Waqar Khanny :)

yepppp i amm :P loool!! 

Posted: 03-12-12 21:13 by adfv

lol coool cant w8 XDD

Posted: 03-12-12 21:14 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol truuuh dat XDD

lmao...he may be rich but hez kanjuus LOL XDD

lool haha thanz z...hmmm no fair...i want em!!!!!!! lool XDD

quad? no way khannny 2 scary :| lool

Posted: 04-12-12 15:59 by Sabah

lmfao...soo truuh haha XDD kanjuus XDD lool

lol...yeah a itz not scary :)

Posted: 04-12-12 16:15 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol yeah haha :D

omg...not scary?? i died da last tym i sat on 1 :| lol...

Posted: 04-12-12 17:35 by Sabah

yeh, like da pressies and dat...

Posted: 04-12-12 20:13 by Alex

@ alix

lol yeah thought so XD

@ sabah

hmmm yeah but dats u..i luv riding it XDD

lol nd i thought u werent scared of anythin? haha XDD

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Posted: 04-12-12 20:18 by Waqar Khanny :)

lolz x

Posted: 04-12-12 20:26 by Alex

Alix wrote:

ugh, sorry 2 b depressing but i hate x-mas...

ugh,sorry to be depressing but i hate you.. YA YOOO

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Posted: 04-12-12 20:34 by DABOM!

wtf... confused

Posted: 04-12-12 20:36 by Alex

dabom....are u lyk ok????

lol alix XDD

Posted: 04-12-12 20:36 by Waqar Khanny :)

Khannyz 786 wrote: not gonna get any1 anythin......deyre gonna giv me it

sharaan...i hope u got me 1 ;D

yeah Khanny ofcourse i have... ZEE Durhh the best christmas Present anyone guy like you can get

Posted: 04-12-12 20:39 by sharaan