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What came fist the chicken or egg?

Because I like Chicken and Fried Eggs.

Posted: 23-11-12 12:54 by TeeHee

The egg obviously

Posted: 23-11-12 12:56 by Once_Upon_A_Time101

Lol.. I love this question.. it is debatable really

coz you could argue where did the egg come from then ? someone might argue , its like the way God made Adam and then Eve using Adams ribs..this is how the humans came about.. similarily you could argue the chicken came first and then the chicken produced the eggs..

I really dont knw wat I'm talkin bwt.. XD

Posted: 23-11-12 20:15 by ? Secret - Team GR

Well I think that it's because of evolution. An animal has evolved into a chicken which later laid an egg.

Posted: 26-11-12 08:51 by TeeHee