Chemistry- OCR gateway C4,C5,C6 - exam on friday

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i have this exam on friday and was wondering if there were any a*  notes or sumthing that i can revise from. really trying to ace this exam, i can use all the help i can get! thanks! 

Posted: 12-06-12 21:46 by Rashid

Heyy, I did that exam almost a year ago, and my best tip is, is to not just revise what you think is going to be on the paper, revise absolutely everything. When I did that exam I was so surprised at what they asked me I felt I was going to fail. But as long as you keep a clear head while doing the exam you will ace it! I did :) just revise, revise, revise. Samlearning, bbc bite size and the OCR website are great revision websites, good luck :)

Posted: 13-06-12 23:24 by Jade Longman