Chemistry Exam 2010

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How did everyone find their chemistry exams today?

Posted: 18-01-10 16:01 by RATM33

This is gonna sound weird, but i thought it was much easier than i expected! There were only a couple of questions i wasnt sure about, i hope crosses fingers i did ok in that one :D

How was it for you?

Posted: 18-01-10 16:51 by I P B

any chemistry help? i honestly don't understand anything :( would really appreciate help because i only got 9/25 on my mock exam totalling my whole exam including biology to a c! i really want an a!!! please please help

Posted: 18-01-10 18:07 by Rachel

sorry i didnt get this email till after the chem exam Rachel. How was it? did you find it really hard?

Posted: 18-01-10 18:22 by I P B

No, I totally agree with you, it was unbelievalily easy (in comparision to biology lol)

Yeah, there were some questions that i wasnt so sure on either, but hopefully we all get great marks =D

Posted: 18-01-10 18:27 by RATM33

cool! i mean, there were a couple of questions i wasnt sure about, but much better than the biology one

Posted: 18-01-10 18:29 by I P B

Yep, definitely

very confident about this exam

fingers crossed for A*s

Posted: 18-01-10 18:42 by RATM33

wow aiming high XD but yeah hopefully

Posted: 10-03-10 19:50 by I P B

I got an A in the Chemistry exam I took in January! Just thought I'd voice it because I am proud haha...

How well did every one else do?!

Posted: 25-04-10 19:59 by Cameron Leaf

say it loud and proud XD

I got an A* for my C2 i did in january

Posted: 25-04-10 20:06 by I P B

lool, can i **** into the pride-fest?

I got A* C2 and C3 - (which i did in jan), and an A* overall in chem!

Posted: 26-04-10 17:49 by RATM33

well done! :D thats great!

Posted: 26-04-10 17:53 by I P B

Is this for Chemistry for Thursday 13th :) 

Posted: 10-01-11 20:25 by Francesco D'Alessio

hey everyone


i have a retake of c1a and another exam of c1b on 2nd march 2011..seriously i work really hard and try to my best in exam still i hardly get an A last time i got a B ....plz help i don't knw wt to do ??? tried everythinggg but still a B plzz i want to be  a doctor and i got really degraded for wht i got last time any advices would be appreciated ... thankss :)

Posted: 24-01-11 19:52 by princessz