How did everyone find the C1 AQA exam today?

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Posted: 15-06-12 15:36 by Iain

hw did u fnd it??

Posted: 15-06-12 15:43 by waqar

I found it hard.  

Posted: 15-06-12 16:08 by chillypepper

Well I found it generally ok, slightly better than the physics in late May, you?

Posted: 15-06-12 16:09 by Iain

chillypepper wrote:

I found it hard. �

I'm sure you'll have done ok

Posted: 15-06-12 16:10 by Iain

Iain wrote:

Well I found it generally ok, slightly better than the physics in late May, you?

 waz hard bro

Posted: 15-06-12 16:13 by waqar

Yeah it was hard, but there was a lot of stuff in it which we had actually been taught... So I'm not too sure on my mark, so it could swing either way for me :( :/

Posted: 15-06-12 16:27 by Iain

welll da stuff we been taught idk any of it

bt i hpe u do gt ur grade

as 4 me...................nahhh a wnt

Posted: 15-06-12 16:30 by waqar

Did you do higher?

Posted: 15-06-12 16:42 by Iain

yeah boii =)


Posted: 15-06-12 16:46 by waqar

Yep, I hate the wait for the results... :(

Posted: 15-06-12 16:57 by Iain

yeah lyk das da hrdest bit

oh well betta strt prayin =P

Posted: 15-06-12 16:58 by waqar

Hahah yeah :')

Posted: 15-06-12 17:07 by Iain

lol =P

Posted: 15-06-12 17:08 by waqar

I was expecting it to be a lot worse:)

Posted: 15-06-12 20:22 by Chlo

it was a *****... the dry air question... what was that?!

Posted: 16-06-12 09:20 by Holly

aaahhhh it woz so easy absolutely great

Posted: 16-06-12 11:17 by J-a-r-e-d

I found it quite hard -.-

And for the 6mark Q it said something like in 2006 we used poly(ethene) to make plastic bags
then it said, now in 2011 we use poly(ethene) to make plastic bags?? I was like wtf???

I had to read the question about 5 times but i still only wrote half the page :/ 

Posted: 16-06-12 13:44 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

The whole last page i guessed and only had 5 minutes left:(!

Posted: 22-06-12 16:58 by Chlo

Wow! you guys seem to find this hard.. sorry im sure like if u guys are in year ten u wud be doin like c1.1 or somet... cos where in year 9 and we have to do c1 c2 c3 .. we had  amock on c1 and i got results today.. anyway all the best 4 u .. hope u all get ure grades

Posted: 22-06-12 21:25 by SciTech