Chemical Patterns?

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heyyyy there,

could you please reccommend some resorces for me please?

is anyone out there? am i all alone on

Posted: 13-05-09 14:31 by Tessa

Hi Tessa!

Welcome to the group. I am currently working on some quizzes and power points for additonal science but for now you can use


Also there are loads of great revising aids on this site. I will check some of them out then favourite them


Posted: 13-05-09 14:33 by Katie

why thank you kathryn.

at least i know i am not alone anymore.

i didn't really need resources...

Posted: 13-05-09 14:35 by Tessa

Can one of you reccomend where I can find a really good quiz on chemical patterns? I really need to revise it! Also, wow you two are much politer on this than in person! And Tessa, have you done any english paper practice?

Posted: 14-05-09 10:02 by Hannah

noooooooo, of course i haven't! but i feel that miss widdup has prepared well for the exam and am feeling reasonably confident about at the moment, how about you?

Posted: 14-05-09 10:15 by Tessa