Chat and opinions about The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter?

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Just wondering if anyone has any general views or opinions. I always find talking about a book the easiest way to revise so hopefully this will help other people as well :)

Posted Thu 31st January, 2013 @ 17:05 by Katie

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The aspect of femininity really interests me from what I've read so far. I find that the way she portrays her characters really contradicts itself. From one side the female characters are very submissive and seen as the "lower sex", especially in the first story The Bloody Chamber but then the females also have quite a lot of power, even if it is subtle and normally through manipulation. 

I think it relates to gothic literature in terms of the wide range and expression of emotions, often sexual, throughout the book. The gothic movement was all to do with expression and free thinking and I think Carter does this well by subtly questioning things, such as the standing of women, through the stories. 

I also think the morbid aspect helps to attribute this book to the gothic genre as well. There is a fair amount of death and illness through the book, and she even manages to twist something such as sex that is supposed to be beautiful into a disgusting act. 

There is also the use of mystical characters throughout, such as wolves and vampires, that is a characteristic of gothic. 

What books have been related to The Bloody Chamber

My class has The White Devil by John Webster, Northanger Abbey Jane Austen and Macbeth Shakespeare.

Answered Thu 7th February, 2013 @ 10:57 by Katie
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I'm just starting the Bloody Chamber - from what I've read so far it is destinctinly female hetereosexual in narratie perspective. Interestingly, Carter wanted to present women as 'powerful'. However, there is some definite evidence in the 'The Bloody Chamber' itelf that Carter criticses the materialistic and naive standpoint of women. Any comment on how it relates to gothic literature?

Answered Thu 7th February, 2013 @ 10:48 by c
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We've been looking at Doctor Faustus by Marlowe and Wuthering Heights - both contain plenty of typical gothic contradiction and conflict. However, the bloody chamber differs quite greatly in relation to religious context and theme. 

Answered Thu 7th February, 2013 @ 16:11 by c