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i dont ok ** i fink ur quite clever and u have a humouros bubbly character ** <3 **

Posted: 12-05-12 08:40 by faizan rashid

lol dats nice 2 knw

Posted: 12-05-12 08:41 by aliimz

yh it is indeed ** wuu2 todaii then **

Posted: 12-05-12 08:43 by faizan rashid

haha im eatin a muffin and typin my *** away- JK ive gt exms 2 prepare 4

wat bout u

Posted: 12-05-12 08:44 by aliimz

lol ive finished eatin ** and im revising for exams starting on monday where ive got french ** then on thrsday ie got french and re ** Also i had a half day yesterday ** cos ive left scool know wbu **

Posted: 12-05-12 08:46 by faizan rashid

omg i got French on Mon and Thurs and Maths on Wed and B3 extension +re on tues 

Posted: 12-05-12 08:47 by aliimz

aww ** i hope it goes well for u on monday tuesday wednesday and thursday ** good luck Aliimz **x

Posted: 12-05-12 08:49 by faizan rashid

yeah well thnx

u 2 wid Monday and Thursday

not faiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i dnt hav studddddddddddddddy leave

apparently none?? revises during it- stupid cows 1 gurl lst yr went 2 a prk opposite da scool :{

Posted: 12-05-12 08:53 by aliimz

lol ** aww i feel sorry for u ** hows family **

Posted: 12-05-12 08:55 by faizan rashid

fine got 2 cousins that gt married in pakistan lol and another one that got engaged wehn r they gonna learn 2 get married here wid da family (moi especially) support

Posted: 12-05-12 08:58 by aliimz

lol ** ur such a bubbly character and u mke me laugh on the good side ** lol yh i have go cosusins who are engaged **

Posted: 12-05-12 09:00 by faizan rashid

but i luv them 

oh r they engaged here? JK

wondering "when is it my sis turn"

Posted: 12-05-12 09:02 by aliimz

lol **

Posted: 12-05-12 09:14 by faizan rashid

Alimz can u send me an email again cos i accidently deleted it beb <3 cheers **

Posted: 12-05-12 09:19 by faizan rashid

yo wats ur hotmail ** mail me bk on [email protected] ** cheers ** luv u as a friend x

Posted: 12-05-12 09:39 by faizan rashid