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So guys let's have a chat! I just baked a carrot cake for my mum. She called me "her intelligent daughter". :D

Posted: 11-05-12 22:33 by LP-FTW

last time I spoke to my mother she said I'm lazy and 'rotting' and that I'm going to fail everything... fun times.

Posted: 11-05-12 22:47 by Neon

Ooh, harsh mother. :/ Well good luck to you and God bless you. You are beautiful, admit it! There is no such thing as an ugly person. :)

Posted: 11-05-12 22:51 by LP-FTW

what about hitler? he wasn't all that great...?

Posted: 11-05-12 22:55 by Neon

Yes, but he has gone to Hell for all his sins. Don't worry, the rude, ignorant, arrogant, selfish, evil, disgusting, vile people aren't going to make it far in their life. 

Posted: 11-05-12 23:04 by LP-FTW

me neither, I'm going to hell for sure... ah well hey, what can you do? :P so how are you then :)

Posted: 11-05-12 23:11 by Neon

Good actually! Just sleepy. Had a great day- got rid of my fake friends and enemies and starting a new chapter with new people. :)

Posted: 11-05-12 23:13 by LP-FTW

I have 2 close friends at my school, and about 4 other people I get on with. The positive side of that is we never fall out, we can trust and rely on each other, and I don't have to buy as many birthday presents

Posted: 11-05-12 23:21 by Neon

That's awesome. I thing with people, you see it's very hard for me to trust people because i know they're going to betray me and turn their back on me. And there is a lot of gossip fans around my school. 

Posted: 11-05-12 23:28 by LP-FTW

haha, there's a hell of a lot gossips... or *******... around the more popular groups, but I'm most certainly NOT popular, I stick with my mates, and they stick with me, WAY simpler :P

Posted: 11-05-12 23:33 by Neon

I'm not popular either! and I love it! :)

I mean seriously, all people care is about being popular =_=

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Posted: 11-05-12 23:35 by LP-FTW

I think that if I had a fresh start I could get popular... but I've been an outcast since primary school, why try to stop now? I'm not bothered about impressing these people 

Posted: 11-05-12 23:37 by Neon

yeah! I always say this saying :

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. 

Posted: 11-05-12 23:39 by LP-FTW

XD that's an indirect quote from bambi!

Posted: 11-05-12 23:47 by Neon

The DIRECT quote is: "If you can't say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all" -thumper

Posted: 11-05-12 23:50 by Neon

...not that I can quote Bambi from memory or anything XD

Posted: 11-05-12 23:56 by Neon

nah Cedonia we all knw u gt dat 4rm google

lol popular ppl.. hmm... oh sum of our ******* who thght thy were popular hav now becum the biggest h8ers and theyre all my m8s bless them

me... i luv evry1 so i dnt knw y i wud be h8ed

Posted: 12-05-12 08:22 by aliimz

By the Way im sorry for what happened yesterday Aliiimz *** email em bk on [email protected] **

Posted: 12-05-12 08:24 by faizan rashid

wat happened yesterday im a bit blnk

Posted: 12-05-12 08:28 by aliimz

well u askmed me yesterday if u wer e aboy or a girl and i said boy and u kinda flipped on me ** so im sorry cn u reply to my emial ** <3 x

Posted: 12-05-12 08:32 by faizan rashid

i dnt use dat email u got a hotmail instead

ouch headache

Posted: 12-05-12 08:34 by aliimz

its the same thing my email is hotmail but it's google mail just email me on [email protected] x

Posted: 12-05-12 08:36 by faizan rashid

sorry wasnt thinkin properly

im so tired

Posted: 12-05-12 08:38 by aliimz

lol didn't u get much sleep let me know when uve emailed me ***

Posted: 12-05-12 08:39 by faizan rashid

u mst thnk im dumb

Posted: 12-05-12 08:39 by aliimz