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When someone rates a piece of revision, they should be able to change their mind a rerate it after rating it the first time

Posted: 11-06-12 17:01 by Jack

This is a good idea, I sometimes rate it wrongly to start with or accidentaly press on the wrong star. Good idea :)

Posted: 11-06-12 20:24 by Kate Westall

and as people can change the source, it's quality will change, and therefore the rating ought to be changeable as well :)

Posted: 11-06-12 21:32 by Neon

yes...i agree

Posted: 12-06-12 10:38 by Renn

yeah :)

Posted: 12-06-12 10:40 by Nathan

Agreed :)

Posted: 01-07-12 12:34 by sammiecaine