Cells anyone help (gcse)

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Just going through a revision guide and i cannot do cells at all

what does the nucleus contain? and its function?

what does chloroplasts contain? and its function?

what is the cell wall made out of?and its function?

Thankyou :)

Posted: 09-04-11 12:28 by Jacob sheader

The nucleus contains the cells genetic material, including DNA. Its job is to control the activities of the cell..

The chloroplasts contain chlorophyll, which is what absorbs sunlight for energy during photosynthesis.

What the cell wall is made of depends on what type of cell it is, but:

  • A cell wall in plants are made up of cellulose
  • A cell wall in bacteria are made up of glycoprotein
  • A cell wall in fungi are made up of chitin

Hope I helped! (:

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Posted: 09-04-11 17:55 by Danae Josephine

^^ that's right. Also, a cell walls function is to strengthen the cell :)

Posted: 09-04-11 22:30 by Showgirl