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I have a little bit of difficulty remembering my cases and what point of law they pair with. "/

Any techniques on how to remember cases for the exam?

Thanks in advance (:

Beka xo

Posted: 25-03-11 17:03 by Beka Theaker

Case Law is extremly difficult to remember. For me I use cue cards and mind-maps. This keeps all the cases seperate and easy to understand. However, you may notice that some cases have more than one principle and can be used in several areas, do not worry about this. Just write what is relevant for that area of law and do the other principle for the next.

Case names can be a hassal, remember that you just need to use methods such as mnemonics. These can be helpful if you have a creative brain, if you are a boring learner like me... write it out several times!

Hope this helps.

Posted: 03-04-11 17:43 by Jamie Cockcroft

I use a 'case bank' which I form at the end of each topic, where I write the details of every case within that topic and the principle(s) that they illustrate. This should reinforce each case by just writing them out - if you know the details of each case, it also makes it easier to understand the principles. After this you could test yourself or get someone else to test you on them - they will eventually stick :) I also use mind maps showing each subsection of the topic I am covering, e.g. in tort there is duty of care, breach, damage, compensation and procedure; I produce a mind map on each of these, and then develop them by creating cue cards which ask questions about each topic (and cases). I find it really helpful - I hope you do too x

Posted: 04-04-11 23:51 by Sarah

Heya thanks for replying both of you :)

I actually already use all the tips you both gave me, I think its just about giving it time and reinforcing them over and over again :)


Posted: 14-04-11 14:48 by Beka Theaker

I have trouble with remembering case names too. I'm ok with remembering the details though. I've just had to accept that I just cant remember case names, but as long as you know what happened in the cases and what it means, etc. it shouldn't be a problem in the exam.

Posted: 16-04-11 19:53 by Kate

try to include some of the letters as way of remembering the case e.g. R V Pagett the P stands for the his pregnant girlfriend that was used in the shoot out :)

or e.g. R V Cunningham the 'g' will stand for the gas meter the defendant took off against the wall..

Posted: 01-05-11 19:43 by Rahana

Hey. i nornally use cards stating the cases and how you can link them to different points of law. nornally using a chart or a diagram helps.

Posted: 02-05-11 16:59 by pryanka sharma