Can't cope with To Kill A Mockingbird!

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What is the difference between an A and an A* in TKAM? Its bringing my Lit grade down, and I'm not sure how to revise it :S

Posted: 04-04-11 17:09 by Anuradha

I have the same problem... my teacher says the thing to do is have developed discussions with other people about certain aspects of the book. If you just quote notes then that will only get you a B apparently. Hope that helps :)

Posted: 10-04-11 17:35 by Angharad

Go through each chapter, writing what each is about.

I also found this website. It has questions on each chapter to really test your knowledge ;) lol

Hope this helps :)

Posted: 18-04-11 13:58 by Emma

Try answering questions from past papers on TKAM and ask your teacher to mark them if he/she wants. If you do this it will really improve your understanding of the book and the themes in it. I did this for my exam and i was lucky enough to get the same question i did a week earlier as practice and got an A*. Trust me, practice is the best. Also, if u have specific questions i can try and help, as much as i remember about it. It's good if u can read it again as well, if not, you can listen to it. you can search up the audio for it on google. I hope this helped.

Posted: 01-05-11 13:18 by Adela Manea