Cannabis should stay illegal...

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I propose that cannabis should stay as an illegal drug. What are your thoughts? Can you include somereligious ideas to back up your arguments?

Posted: 10-04-13 14:36 by Mr Duckworth

I dissagree conmpletley *** its a medicine for so many people across the world. it has cured many peoples lives, one of which tried all of the recommended medication that their doctor perscribed for them but that just increased the pain and he was told a date that he would die. One friends said to him if he wanted to try cannabis and he tried it and once he was stoned he felt the pain go away. After a few months the man was healthy again. This medical marijuana paitent suffered from cancer in his jaw. After the cannabis it had dissapeared completely. Why should it be illegal if it has evidnece of curing one of the only diseases mankind cannot figure out? I also think that it should be legal for recreational use as people who have smoked weed before veiw life in new and different ways that open their eyes to new routes within their life. Rastafarians smoke cannabis to take part in a ritual called "reasoning" this is where they smoke weed and then talk about life for hours on end. The point of this is to give it chance for the rastas to think about all the things affects their lives and their veiws. Once they've shared their veiws they having given eachother adive about life and then feel closer to god. Would you want to remove a persons relationship with their god? Also it makes everything better and with marijuana we can cure world poverty and wars. i think eveyone should smoke weed because they will all be at peace with themselves and figure out who they really are. Bon marley said " once you smoke the herb you reveal yourself, to yourself".

Posted: 10-04-13 14:56 by Thomas Anderson-Tooth