Can you help me to structure my source questions?

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If your doing history with OCR exam board mordern world , can you help me to structure my souce questions please??????????

Thank you soooooooooo much

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OCR GCE History - German. (Source based exam)

Question A

No introduction

2/3 paragraphs comparing content

2/3 paragraphs comparing provenance (who is it written by? when is it written? why was it written? - for which audience)

Paragraph structure:

Sources A and B agree/disagree on... For example, source A says "QUOTE" which suggests ...(LINK A BACK TO QUESTION)... Similarly/whereas source B says "QUOTE" which suggets ...(LINK B BACK TO QUESTION)... Therefore sources A and B ...(LINK SOURCES A AND B BACK TO QUESTION)

Alter for provenance. It may seem repetitive, but it's everything you'll need to get the marks for an A.


Which source is most useful to answer the question? Why? - Give accurate examples (e.g. Source A is most useful in answering.... although it is arguably biased because it's written by...)

Question B


Simply group the sources - no embellishments. (e.g Sources A, B, C and D can be used to argue for the statement, whereas sources C, D and E can be used to argue against it).

First half of answer:

-Sources that AGREE with the statement

-Sources MUST be used together (as in the paragraph structure for question A)

-Include short, specific own knowledge (relate to the question)

-Consider provenance (relate to the question)

Second half:

-Sources that DISAGREE with the statement

-Sources MUST be used together (as in the paragraph structure for question A)

-Include short, specific own knowledge (relate to the question)

-Consider provenance (relate to the question)

Paragraph Structure:

Sources D and E agree that...(opening comment)... For example source D says "QUOTE" and/whereas source E says "QUOTE" (note the use of quotes together) - LINK BOTH SOURCES BACK TO QUESTION. Explain with OWN KNOWLEDGE. Try and mention provenance of both, or at least one of the sources, in reference to the question (sources may be biased depending on who they are written by etc).


-On balance, do the sources agree/disagree with the statement (MUST make a judgement)

-Are the sources reliable?

Remember never to comment on provenance when considering a source written by a historian - it's irrelevant.

I hope this is helpful

Answered Mon 14th May, 2012 @ 11:05 by Elsa
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I am doing OCR German Reformation but my teacher told me to:

define key words in the introduction and set the argument (when i set the argument i tend to say 'However it is debatable as to whether or not...')

always remember to compare Nature, Origin and Purpose

nature: what is it? i.e. a letter, report, speech / what is it about (content)?

origin: who wrote the source? / when was it written?

purpose:  why was the source written? i.e. to inform, persuade, criticise 

mention the tone of the source i.e. it is harsh, calm, determined, sympathetic

don't talk about each source separately, compare them through out

don't list the sources e.g. don't talk about source A first, then source B, then source C and so on

keep the quotes short otherwise state the line number

at least one quote from each source must be mentioned

conclusion: summarise everything you said in the main and say your judgement

Hope this helps... Good Luck :D

Answered Thu 10th May, 2012 @ 21:23 by Trinity-Taylor
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I use DESK

Describe the source


Sources use them

Knowledge use your own historical knowledge

also, refer to reliability issues were approprate and cross reference with other approprate sources, if the question is asking for a viewpoint write a balenced answer eg how useful is this source? say why it is useful and why it isn't useful then say what you think in the conclusion.

Answered Fri 11th May, 2012 @ 19:04 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR
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i am guessing you want to be a lawyer in the future

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